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Ekta Mogha

I am the student of international institute of fashion technology. I am very glad to be a student of this educational institute. This institute is a good brand among the fashion institutes. The director of this institute is mr. Ratnadeep lal. This institute provides many courses and also provides good faculties. Faculties are very qualified and experienced that the teachers gave good knowledge about subjects like apparel merchandising, production management, quality control, textile science etc. And also gave extra knowledge. This institute also provides scholarship program and they have tie up with several international universities. This institute provides internship to their students to with well-known export houses and buying house. So that student gets the practical knowledge of the field. I am very thankful to such a great institute that it groomed me as a good working professional.

Aarti Gupta

International institute of fashion technology provided us different types of course like: - interior designing, apparel merchandising, fashion designing and textile designing etc. All faculty members are also trained by iso regulations and terms. Iift give the opportunity to student for higher studies. Iift have a international brand name they provides placement easily because of their great goodwill in the market.

Nikhil Sharma

Iift is one of the most renowned institute in the field of fashion institutions the ceo at iift is mr. Ratnadeep lal iift provides best knowledge of different subjects releted to fashion industry through the help of well qualified faculty from the fashion industry, in iift students can share the practical experience of field realities with the help of its guest faculty from the different big companies of the country. This institute gives chance to students to go abroad and studies with the help of their scholarship schemes. I am very happy with the study atmosphere at the institute and faculty’s behavior towards the students all faculty staff is very helping and supportive.

Kapil Kumar

Iift institute is the best institute in national and international level. This is very famous institute in fashion field and have a good. Faculties in this institute. Who is very sincere and intelligent. Towards their world & students i have learnt so much things from iift which is very important for my future. I would like to thanks the institute to make my future bright. It play a very important role to shape the future of children.

Kulvinder Singh

I would like to thanks the faculties of iift which our  so polite and co-operative with the students. Their teaching way is very good and nice. They gives us knowledge about their subjects.


Jagjeet Singh Arora

Our institute is one of the best institute in the country (india). Iift is our temple for studies. We come in the morning here so that we can become a successful person in our life. Some branches are also located in foreign countries. Mr. Ratnadeep lal is the ceo of iift. He is well educated as well as honorable person. He has great personality. R.d. group of  institution. Very big and popular group institutions in studies, academics etc.
In iift we are preparing our selves for our great future.


Renuka Tiwari

Iift (international institute of fashion technology) provides us various courses like apparel merchandising, fashion designing, interior designing, textile designing etc. And it also gives opportunity to students for higher studies. Iift is having different branches all over india as well as in abroad. It provides us certificate diploma, degree & placements in different export houses and buying house. The overall faculty is very knowledgeable and punctual. I am proud to be the student of iift.



Iift is one of the institutes where in we got good faculty to guide us time to time, creative environment, good network of friend and good course structure at our place. I will miss time spent at iift through our my life.


IIFT is best platform has global opportunities for all student of IIFT, IIFT is able to get best course to all student. I am lucky that I joined IIFT I am feeling very proud of my decision..


Hi I am ROHIT. I am pursuing apparel merchandiser in IIFT. IIFT is really good in terms of rules n regulations n very professional institute. IIFT is giving great future to students.


This is an institute for the students who wants to be a successful person in his/her life as it provides a basic lease to a particular person. The faculty of this institute is very cooperative and impressive.
The students in this institute have a friendly nature which is needed by all persons at every level.


IIFT, where you can achieve a lot as you like and you will fly with your dream after completing the education from IIFT.


Being an iiftian which makes me feel proud and honored.
Its been just a month for me and I have learned a lot from this institute, I’ve learned to grow and have realized what it takes to be hardworking.


Good platform to explore and enhance year talent.


IIFT is a nice institute and provide a good atmosphere to study. IIFT also provide workshops which is very important for the students so that they can gain more knowledge.


My self Amanjit kaur student of IIFT in I. D. Dept. Every year IIFT launch lot of new course for students career . IIFT gives new chance to make a carrier in corporate world. Every student in IIFT feel proud to


The epitome for future designers