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IIFT’s Malaysian Connection
Having friends all over the world is a great advantage that comes handy in building business or improving careers. IIFT has recently tied up with a Malaysian counterpart as the strategic partner. This merging of IIFT &Limkokwing University college of Creative
Technology is most stimulating and triggers the mind to think in new ways. Through our close collaboration in training and research with Limkokwing University college of Creative Technology, IIFT has brought industry into the campus. This will enable the students to
learn to work on live projects with the industry even while theystudy. The students of IIFT also have an opportunity to be a part of the student exchange program or take a direct Third year entry to Limkokwing University after completion of 2 year professional
diploma from IIFT. The exposure with this partnership has no bounds nationally or internationally. First of its kind, IIFT world, fuses Uniersity Education with professional practice, business and enterprise development and incubation of new business.

Where academic excellence and industry innovation take place simultaneously.

Come join us at International Institute Of Fashion Technology and explore the best opportunities you can have to become the most employable graduate in the world. Whether you choose to complete your studies at our main campus in New Delhi or enhance your studies with an overseas stint you gain from the global exposure and the specialised focus on knowledge and skills.


The collaboration memorandum signing between Limkokwing University and IIFT resulted in mutual interest collaboration between Malaysia and India. The signing was held at Limkokwing Kuala Lumpur during the visit of a 10-member delegation from the Indian Education and Science led by RD Lal, COE, IIFT Group. Malaysia can now expect a steady flow of Indian students and academics to undertake joint research and development projects with Limkokwing counterparts. “We’re also working on double-degree and post graduate programmes for mutual benefit. This fresh change will see local students gaining from India,”explains Limkokwing president Tan Sri Limkokwing.



Entry Level:   YEAR 3
Cost:  TUITION FEE - GBP 6,500 per year